School Rules

Registration Forms

A registration form must be completed on arrival at the school.

This includes the pupil’s personal details (full name, address and date of birth), as well as any medical conditions we need to know about. These forms are essential for Health and Safety reasons. If you move or change your contact details please inform Debbie as soon as possible.


Dancing fees must be paid at the beginning of each lesson. I have had many people in the past who say they will pay the week later but they never do, so unfortunately if you forget to give your daughter / son the money they will be asked to sit and watch for that week. Alternatively, if you would like to pay for a few weeks in advance that is also possible via cash or cheque. Please contact Debbie for more details. There are discounts available when booking in 6 or 10 weekly blocks.

There is a percentage payable if you are absent from class. As you can understand the hall rent still needs to be paid if your son or daughter does not attend class. Therefore, the amount payable for the Tiny Tots Class is £1.50, £2.50 for Freestyle, £3 for the Adult Dance/Fitness Class & £3 for the Musical Theatre Classes. (£4 for Joint Freestyle Classes during half-term & holidays). This will be payable at their following class. The fee will be waived if you have notified the school 24 hours in advance only for serious illness, contagious diseases, broken bones. 4 weeks annual holiday is allowed throughout the year from Jan-Dec however, 1 weeks notice, from the previous weeks class MUST be given in advance.

Pupils who do not attend classes for 8 consecutive weeks will be taken off the school register and any outstanding fees cancelled after 14 weeks.

Dancing Times

The times are listed in the ‘Classes’ section of this website. Pupils should arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the start of the class, this giving them enough time to prepare and get changed into the correct footwear.

Parents Staying During Class

Only parents travelling a fair distance are allowed to stay with their child (distance being 20 minutes drive away or over 3 miles). In this case if a parent wishes to stay with his / her daughter or son they can do so but keep it to a minimum or one parent per pupil. If on the odd occasion you have a relative visiting and you wish for them to watch your child this can be pre-arranged by contacting me first. Otherwise, I would prefer it if you can drop your children off for class 5-10 minutes before the start and arrive back 5 minutes before the end of the appropriate class. This is of course with the exception of the Tiny Tots class in which the parents are allowed to stay, but must wait for their child in the foyers where seats are provided.

Dancewear and Shoes

The correct dancewear is to be worn to dance classes at all times – please check your Welcome Pack or speak to one of the Teachers for the correct class attire. No trainers are to be worn during dance classes unless they are split sole dance trainers (for older pupils) or alternatively the correct jazz shoes / bare feet.

No Food or Chewing Gum

Please note that no food is allowed during dance classes and especially no chewing gum! If your child has something light to eat an hour or so before they come dancing there will be no need for them to be hungry. Of course, they may bring their own drinks but please keep it to water / flavoured water / squash or still isotonic sports drinks. Fizzy drinks are unhealthy to dance on and can also make the floor sticky if spilt.

Photography / Videography

Photography / Videography is strictly prohibited within the school unless taken by Debbie or one of her Teachers/Assistants for publicity purposes. Please make it clear from the start if you wish for your child not to be included in any of these types of photographs or publicity events.

Dancing with Injuries

If a pupil comes dancing with an injury they will not be allowed to dance, only to watch. It is advisable they stay at home and rest until they are fully recovered.

Jewellery and Accessories

No bulky jewellery is to be worn at any of the dance classes. If worn they will be asked to be removed.

Good behaviour / Respect for Others

Any pupils who repeatedly show inappropriate behaviour by bullying or bad language will be asked to leave the school. Pupils must show others the same respect they would want themselves and to leave the hall as they find it putting litter in the bins provided.